Republic Star Destroyer

Republic Star Destroyer

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This wiki is Star Wars wiki for movie universe only. Therefore, only live action movies, movie-related sources (movie novels, screenplays, radio plays) and The Clone Wars animated series are usable for this wiki. For movie+EU universe, there is Wookiepedia.

EU names are not usable - for example, Republic Star Destroyer from Revenge of the Sith should be named as "Republic Star Destroyer", not "Venator-class Star Destroyer", since latter name comes from Expanded Universe. For both alternative canon names (such as Jedi Cruiser) and EU names, a redirect page should be created. Calculations based on movies - such as for starship sizes - are allowed, but they must be clear, and linked to a source. If several values contradict, all should be displayed.

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This wiki is aimed at getting information about Star Wars movie universe together, so that people not interested in Expanded Universe, or wanting to become more familiar with movie universe first, can do that without having to read throught EU-filled Wookieepedia.

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